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Body Positive Programs

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Body Positive Programs

Media inundates us with messages of how our bodies, hair, skin, and lives should look. Photo editing has allowed the altering of models to create a human shape that is often unattainable. Social media allows a person to filter themselves until they are almost a caricature of themselves. These messages can shape how we think and feel about our bodies leading to body dissatisfaction. The British Journal of Psychiatry conducted a study that showed body dissatisfaction could begin in children as young as eight and lead to future eating disorders.


Research by Niva Piran shows that a relationship with just one healthy-embodied support person can lead to improved body image in girls. With the rise of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction in males, we must also begin to look at ways to include them into programs targeted at self-acceptance.


Amy's Heart founder, Nora Coulter, is licensed under "The Body Positive," to provide education and workshops that promote beliefs and attitudes that lead to self-acceptance and raise awareness of social and media-based messaging that can contribute to a negative view of self. Founded in 1996, The Body Positive has provided training to thousands to create Body Positive programs in schools and within the community to combat eating problems and body image disturbances. Studies associated with this program have shown increased resilience against eating and body image issues.


There are three levels of programming, Middle School, High School, and College/Adult, all focusing on five life skills:

  • Reclaim Health

  • Practice Intuitive Self-Care

  • Cultivate Self-Love

  • Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty

  • Build Community


Amy's Heart can provide programs to your organization through a series of workshops, weekend workshops, or a single workshop.

Your donation can help fund the implementation of prevention programs or allow someone with an existing eating disorder receive the help they need.

No amount is too small when helping in our fight to save lives. Your donation is greatly appreciated.


If you are interested in hosting and educational event or are look for a speaker to give a talk on eating disorders, please contact us.

We would love the opportunity to educate as many people as possible.

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