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Amy's Heart offers a free peer support group under the

umbrella of ANAD (National Association of Anorexia and

Nervosa and Associated Disorders). These support groups are

for men and women, ages 18 and above, with any type of

eating disorder in all stages of recovery.

Peer support groups are lead by a trained facilitator who has 

experienced and recovered from an eating disorder and is able

to offer a first-hand perspective and insight into the recovery 

process. The goal of the group is to offer a safe and

non-judgemental space for members to vent, cry, laugh, and

celebrate the many ups and downs of eating disorder recovery.

Whether you are just beginning to reach out and seek help with

an eating disorder, are currently in treatment or are reaching the

final stages of recovery, this group provides a non-threatening environment to help members find hope and healing.

Please check the EVENTS CALENDAR for information on other support groups in the Houston Metroplex.

Group therapy session sitting in a circl

Due to COVID-19 and current social distancing guidelines the peer support group is currently meeting via Zoom. 

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