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Amy's Heart strives to offer support to those struggling with an eating disorder living in Montgomery County, Harris County, and surrounding communities. By providing free peer support groups, information to local resources, and scholarships to subsidize the cost of outpatient treatment for those in need,  we hope to facilitate those seeking help on multiple levels.

If you are feeling unsafe and in need of immediate help 
please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for 24/7 confidential support.
scholarship application


Amy's Heart scholarships offer need-based financial assistance to individuals with an eating disorder diagnosis seeking outpatient treatment with a professional that specializes in eating disorders. It is our hope that help with treatment intervention on this level can lead to a decreased need for higher-level care. While it is our goal to help all that are seeking assistance, our ability to offer aid is limited by the availability of funding provided through donations. It is meant to subsidize treatment costs but not necessarily cover the entire cost of treatment.

If you need financial help, please read the scholarship guidelines and complete the scholarship application.


Have questions? Email for the answers!

Amy's Heart

Scholarship Guidelines & Application Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

 Anyone in Montgomery County or surrounding areas. 


How frequently are scholarships rewarded? 

Scholarships are awarded quarterly. 

January – March (application deadline, November 30)

April – June (application deadline, February 28)

July – September (application deadline, May 31)

October -December (application deadline, August 31)


When will I know if I received a scholarship?

The scholarship committee meets within two weeks of the scholarship deadline. You will be told of any award the following day.


How much will I receive?

The amount awarded is based upon how many applications are received and the number of donations received to our scholarship fund. Because of this, the amount can vary from quarter to quarter.


Do I receive the money directly?

No, payment is made directly to your treatment team.


Do you need access to my personal medical and therapeutic files?

No. While we need to know the names of those providing treatment, we do not need your files. If a scholarship is awarded, we will simply need permission to talk to your team to secure payment, but no personal information will be asked or shared.

Is my name and information shared within the nonprofit or shared in any way?

No. Your privacy is very important to us. The scholarship information and all contact is with the founder of the nonprofit, Nora Coulter. Your name and address are removed, and the application is given a reference number when submitted to the scholarship committee.


Can I see any therapist or dietician?

While it does not matter if the therapist is a psychologist, social worker, etc., they do need to specialize in treating eating disorders, as does the dietician. 


What kind of treatment is covered?

The scholarships are for outpatient services. We do not cover inpatient, day treatment, partial hospitalization programs, or intensive outpatient programs.


Can the funds be used to cover past treatment?

No. The scholarship is only for treatment received during the quarter the scholarship is awarded.


What if I stop treatment?

If treatment is discontinued, the remainder of the awarded amount will be returned to the general scholarship fund.

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